Do you live in Tenerife? Are you here for a long period? These courses are ideal if you want to learn as much Spanish as possible in the time that you have available to you.

If you live in Tenerife or are here for a long period and would like to improve your Spanish, come and joing our progressive groups !

You will take a level test and we will place you with the group that is best for you. There are no more than 10 students for class in other to keep your learning experience to the top.

We will help you reach your objetives.

These courses are from 1 month up to as long as you want. 

Lessons are 2 times per week and we will adjust to your time table. 

Come and see us to get more information!

1 lesson=90 min.


1 MONTH = 85€        2 MONTHS= 160€  3  MONTHS= 235€     

For longer periods, conactact us for more information. 

Registration fee = 30€ ( Includes grammar book and class materials)

Progresive lessons ( 2/3 times per week, min 3 months) 

Eather if you live in Tenerife or you are on a long term holiday and you want to improve your Spanish come and learn in depth all the necessary communicative skills to speak like a native, while enjoying the island and the many leisure activities on offer

85€    1 Month

160€  2 Months

235 € 3 Months